3 Tips to stay LEAN through the Holidays!

3 Tips to stay LEAN through the Holidays!

With so much "Noise" and "Marketing" fads that are talked about all the time, it seems to be harder and harder to stay consistent this time of year. 

Even more, it is almost "OK" to gain the normal 5-10 lbs..... Is that ok with you? I know that has never been my goal to gain.... 

When you think about it, we are spending time with people we care about, eating a huge variety of Meat, Veggies and Carbs (the same things we want to eat every meal normally).

Below is a picture of my left overs that I am getting ready to portion out into my meals (food prep) for the next day for Lindsey, Lexi and Myself. 

So where do we go wrong? Sure, there are a lot of traditions and other options to choose from. But why is it different than any other day? 

It is ok to have some pie, or what ever you choose, you just need to make up for it in other areas just like any other day. But that doesn't mean you can eat all the pie, cause after all, it is just not healthy. 

I know, I know, but my, or my, or it's different with my.... There are lots of "excuses" as to why this is not easy, but if it was easy everyone would be ripped. 

Tip #1. Get your workout in! This must be a non negotiable. Can't make it to one of the training sessions at MaxP (ya, we still train on holidays, we are here for you), no problem. Make sure to talk with your coach and we can set you up with a workout you can do anywhere. Here's a few-
Holiday travel workout in your hotel Holiday workout you can do anywhere rockford Machesney park south beloit belvidere at maximum performance


Tip #2. LOG EVERYTHING! Calories in and Calories out! Now that we have burned an extra 300-500 calories (be sure to track it on your MyZone. If you don't have one, GET ONE!) if you are "OK" with breaking even that day, you can now eat that many calories extra. 

If you don't know the nutritional value of something, put it in your MyFitnessPal that we set up for you when you started training and check. Always know what you are putting in your body before you do.


Tip #3. Make sure you are armed and ready for war! Life is a battle when it comes to food especially when trying to break old habits and traditions. Arming your self with the weapons to win the war will help ensure that you come out on top.

-Eat before you go so that you are not starving when you get there. 
-Bring a dish to pass that if all else fails, you know you whats in it and you know you can eat it. 
-Have an extra meal or bar with you so that you can eat on the way home in the car too. 

Bonus Tip. Make sure you have a "Rock" or someone that you can lean on that will support you when the temptations get tough. Before you go identify who that is and have a conversation with them and get them on the same page as you and let them know why you need their support. 

REMEMBER- This is possible, but not if you do the same things you used to do. 
One of my favorite sayings is "Do what you did and you will get what you got".

*Lindsey took this picture Thursday after all of our family left*
I am no different than anyone else, I did the Burn the Bird workout with everyone else in the morn. We hosted 20 people at our house, which is great cause we can tell people what to bring :) , but just let you, if I look at a cookie I gain 2 lbs. I just try to stay as far away from cookies as possible, because they still and always will taste good!



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